About Us


Yeah1 Group (“YEG”) is one of the South East Asia’s fastest-growing Multi-channel media Conglomerate operating in Traditional, Digital Media and Other Businesses. The group operates over 20 companies across the value chain spanning operations across the globe with revenue from over 150 countries. We are now on a trajectory to continue to build on our dominance in media and related industries.

Our Vision

To be a leading media and entertainment company in Southeast Asia, with a unique approach to capture local markets as well as using local content and skills to reach global markets. We aim to bridge the technology divide by making information and great content universally accessible through ad-tech, strategic brand and platform partnerships.

Our Mission

To constantly challenge the boundaries of cutting-edge technology, content development and engaging entertainment.

Our Origin & Milestone

Our Group is still very much controlled and operated by our founders who to this day remain the closest of friends.

Our Future

With our community and roots in tech and television, YEG is now aggressively expanding into the region and beyond for our digital ambitions. YEG has now grown to Thailand, Singapore, France and Taiwan our digital video and ad publishing business.

The Southeast Asian region is poised for an explosive trajectory with the growth of purchasing power and digital adoption. YEG, given our proven track record, stellar performance and ad-tech, is now strategically poised to benefit from this impending uptrend. As a result, YEG is set to become an unmatched digital business throughout South East Asia over the next few years.


Built an online community of
40k active users
Launched www.yeah1.com
and began to monetize through brand
partnerships and content advertising


Grew our community in Vietnam by tenfold to 400k daily users
Diversified into TV by launching Vietnam's first youth-focused TV channel enjoying tremendous success


Add another 2 channels to tap into more
household with family
and movie content, reaching
over 2mn active users on TV


Got MCN license
and rapidly reached 2.4bn Cumulative views
Awarded 2 play buttons for channels with over 1mn subscribers
Launched our movie business division
Digital revenue accounted for just 9.6% of total revenue


Reached huge community of 20mn members
cumulative views: 19.7bn
Digital rev: 41.5% of total rev


Only Certified Publishing Partner in Southeast Asia
Leading TV Media Buying agency
Top-ranked MCN in Asia
Cumulative views: 56 bn
Had total 12 and 280 Play Buttons
Newly launched Facebook fanpages and websites
48mn fans on
40 self-owned media and social websites
Digital rev: 56.9% of total rev


Expansion through Thailand, Phillipines & Indonesia
Exclusive partnership with , the world's leading music company
Won 2018 Apex Award for the Most Excellent Communications Agency
Looking for regional content deals

Our Management

Yeah1 Philosophy

We aim to make Yeah1 to be our consumers’ accompany through out the day
An ecosystem targets at 4 screens