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Top-ranked YouTube MCN in Asia

Yeah1 Network operates a Multi-Channel Network on YouTube which has grown to the largest AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand) platform in Asia and number 6 in the world on Youtube. Yeah1 Network is replicating its success model to other regional markets. It has acquired Springme, and is actively expanding into a number of high growth markets like Philippines and Indonesia.




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SPRINGme Network is our Thai division, an offshoot of SPRINGme Thailand who have led the beauty share of voice for over 10 years.
Something Big is Yeah1 latest addition to our Network based out of France focused on premium kids and animation content. This strategic expansion provides the network with direct access to a wealth of European animation houses bridging the gap to Asia. This channel also opens a mean for Asian content seeking to expand into the European market.

The Future Focus

Grow global viewership and subscribers which focus on exporting content to high CPM countries

Dominate Southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines)

Grow content library with higher quality UGC & Premium Content

Full services with Ad Tech Dominance

Yeah 1 Publishing is a Yeah1 Ad Tech division that often adopts the best practices across platforms aiming to provide a seamless experience for audience, and to offer solutions that beyond the frontier of advertising to our brand partners. This business works closely with Google, Facebook and other ad networks for digital ad publishing. As Digital Advertising grows, and Google and Facebook advertising networks continue to dominate the market in Southeast Asia, Yeah1 is well-positioned to maintain our rapid expansion.

Yeah1 Publishing manages two key business units including Netlink and Webface.

Netlink forms a critical link in our media network as the only Google Certified Publishing Partner in Southeast Asia for digital publishers. Netlink works with thousands of websites and apps beyond Yeah1 channels. The majority of Netlink’s clients and partners come from around the world helping to bridge new tech and connections to Google’s ever-growing Ad Exchange.

The Future Focus

Continue to expand the number of publishers, especially in higher CPM countries

Focus on building out further advertising technologies to be used by publishers

Partner with global digital agencies for the recruitment of publishers in foreign regions

WebFace owns our fan pages with over 60mn+ fans across multiple influencers and celebrities and about 20 websites and apps. WebFace also manages advertising space for 30 publishing partners globally.

One of WebFace’s key products is Global WAP Network, a MCN based on the website and application platforms to earn money from various trusted ads providers. With our advanced optimization tools, we have achieved great success for our partnerships with the best CPM and revenue.

The Future Focus

Constantly improve the content quality of our websites and Facebook pages

Expand Facebook Network Outside of Vietnamese-Speaking Audience

Optimize customer traffic and revenue

Optimizing Media on all Key Platform

SMB is Yeah1 star unit operating serving performance marketing solutions within and beyond our network. SMB's core competence is ability to leverage on a rich data set developed internally to better design and deliver on marketing ambition for any branch challenge. This forward-facing enterprise has experienced tremendous success during its formative phase and thus poised for growth beyond the region. SMB provides three services follows:

Digital Branding/Advertising
Video & Banner Display on Google/Youtube and Facebook
Digital Engagement
increasing digital interaction on Google/Youtube and Facebook
Social Content Development and Navigation
Developing, creating and managing social content on Facebook.

The Future Focus

Focus on small and medium enterprises

Optimize and offer digital performance KPIs for clients

Drive customer need