HOSE's Notification on the last registration date
event 05-10-2023 11:23
VSD's Announcement on the final registration date and confirmation of the list of securities owners
event 04-10-2023 15:40
Information disclosure of Resolution of the Board of Directors on approving the list closing date to collect shareholders' opinions in writing
event 29-09-2023 16:30
Notification on last registration date to exercise the right to collect shareholders' opinion in writing
event 29-09-2023 15:05
Information disclosure on securities registration certificate of VSD, Decision of HOSE on changing listing registration and Notification of HOSE on stock trading changed listing registration
event 26-09-2023 15:40
HOSE's notification on stock trading changed listing registration
event 26-09-2023 11:15
HOSE's decision on changing listing registration
event 26-09-2023 11:12
VSD's Securities registration certificate
event 26-09-2023 11:08
Information disclosure of Resignation Letter from the position of General Director of Mr. Dao Phuc Tri
event 15-09-2023 18:25
Information disclosure on registration of charter capital increase and amendment and supplement to the Company's charter
event 14-09-2023 15:31
Information disclosure on Official letter of the State Securities Commission on document reporting the results of private stock offerings
event 13-09-2023 17:17
Information disclosure on notification of changes in the number of shares
event 12-09-2023 18:40