13:19 26/06/2023
On the afternoon of June 2, Yeah1 Group Corporation (Stock Code: YEG) successfully held the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM). At the meeting, the Board of Directors reported to the Shareholder Council on the progress of the private placement of 45 million YEG shares at the price of 10,000 VND/share. In addition, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders approved the election of 01 new member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Min Soo Kim - Korean nationality, and Mr. Vuong Ho Tri Dung - Member of the Supervisory Board.

2023 is a challenging year not only for YeaH1 but also for other businesses in general when the economy is still facing difficulties. However, based on solid foundations from the results of a comprehensive restructuring strategy from business to operations, focusing on investing in core business segments, which has been the strength of the Corporation since its establishment, YeaH1 sets a growth target of 35.3%, or VND 425 billion (VND 314.12 billion in 2022). Profit after tax in 2023 will increase by 20.53%, or 30 billion VND (VND 24.89 billion in 2022).

The above financial plan of the Corporation is achieved based on the continued investment and expansion of core business segments, specifically:

Business of television and premium content

YeaH1 continues to build and maintain the position of leading TV channels in Vietnam for the ones owned by the Corporation through improving content quality, diversifying TV programs/movies to suit the vast majority of viewers of many age groups, regions and interests. YeaH1 will expand its cooperation with domestic and foreign partners with strengths in program production capacity, possessions of a repository of attractive, diverse and high-quality content.

Realizing the tastes of Vietnamese audiences are constantly looking for premium content such as reality TV shows and high-quality series, the Corporation has boosted investment in building content-creating teams, producing talent shows, as well as searching for and cooperating with major foreign partners on copyright of content. At the end of 2023 and the following years, YeaH1 will introduce large, attractive and impressive TV shows to Vietnamese audiences.

Producing and publishing content on social platforms

This is the core and perpetual field of operation of the Corporation from its establishment until present. In February 2023, Y1Digital "returned" to the YeaH1 family and became an associate company of the Corporation. This investment has indirectly helped the Corporation to possess experienced and creative production teams, a system of channels/pages with billions of subscribers and views on all major social and digital platforms.

Diversifying digital content across platforms and constantly providing effective optimization technology solutions on social platforms, the digital content business segment still promises high growth in coming years. according to. In particular, not stopping at publishing content in Vietnam, the Corporation has continued to cooperate with producers from foreign markets, bringing content that has been successful in Vietnam to expand to the markets of regional countries.

Google Ads Management

Also in February 2023, the Corporation negotiated and acquired a 35% equity stake in Netlink Vietnam Technology Media Joint Stock Company ("Netlink VN"). Netlink VN is the sole entity in Vietnam granted the license to manage multi-channel networks (MCN) and is recognized as a Google advertising optimization expert. This characteristic stands as a distinctive forte of Netlink, showcasing its prowess and reinforcing the Corporation's collective eminence within this specialized business field

The Corporation continues to maintain and develop the operations of Netlink VN through management consulting, operational enhancements, customer acquisition strategies, market expansion, and new product development. Moreover, the Corporation seeks to extend the horizons of Netlink VN's endeavors, forging partnerships with entities beyond Vietnam's borders.


Following the initial successes of this business, the Corporation continues to make robust investments to enhance its capabilities in the realm of shoppertainment. These endeavors encompass: (i) Nurturing the expertise of the creative workforce (creators) in crafting compelling short-video content that captivates viewers and equipping them with skills in online sales through livestreaming; (ii) Establishing a strong ability of quality products at competitive prices through collaborations with brands/businesses by offering comprehensive services ranging from media to online sales; (iii) Augmenting the modern infrastructure (livestreaming rooms) to serve the creative team in content creation and sales deployment; (iv) Providing value-added services to merchants and businesses, when engaging in online sales in partnership with the Corporation such as transportation and commercial sponsorship.

Advertising Consultancy and Event Management Services

This has also been a core business activity of the Corporation since its establishment. This business operation has been making significant contributions to the Corporation's revenue and profitability. With its strength in human resources, creativity, and extensive experience, the Corporation is confident in its continued robust development in this business area in 2023 and beyond. The Corporation offers diverse packages of innovative event and advertising solutions for customers to choose from, facilitating the exploration and development of bold ideas. Moreover, it provides enduring media services to accompany businesses in their marketing activities.

Investing in equipment and manufacturing infrastructure

Recognizing the need for substantial investment and compliance with international standards in terms of equipment and infrastructure for high-quality program production, the Corporation has been working with several partners to undertake the construction of a complex studio-filming location to serve the diverse purposes of the Corporation. Initially, the Corporation has been working on selecting a suitable construction site. Currently, in collaboration with a design consultancy firm, the Corporation is finalizing the concept before proceeding with other aspects. The Corporation expects that within the next 18 to 24 months, the project will be completed and serve as a focal point in the Corporation's development, a shared home for shareholders and generations of employees, and a platform for achieving even greater accomplishments in the future.

By strengthening the management system of the Corporation alongside the implementation of sustainable business strategies, YeaH1 promises to make significant strides in development in 2023 and the years to come.