Pioneering The Social Commerce Market

YeaH1 is focusing on investing resources to propel the realm of Social Commerce forward, with an unwavering commitment to crafting remarkable success stories for our valued clients

YeaH1 boldly asserts its position as the frontrunner in this domain, armed with many competitive advantages. These include an expansive community of nearly 73 million entertainment enthusiasts, captivated across various social media platforms. With a captivating fusion of content production, sales expertise, cutting-edge digital advertising capabilities, and a roster of influential content creators, YeaH1 is primed to conquer the Social Commerce landscape.

Embracing an all-encompassing approach, YeaH1 is poised to deliver comprehensive solutions that transcend boundaries. From media communications to fostering thriving communities and enabling seamless retail experiences, YeaH1 revolutionizes the Social Commerce landscape on social media platforms

Excelling in the comprehensive organization and operation of livestream programs.
With a network of over 1000 talents under our ownership.
Our team possesses a wealth of experience in creative production.
We offer an ecosystem of media and advertising.
Together, we bring forth enticing collaboration benefits.

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